IR-124 Faces Uphill Battle

Opponents Glad to See Legislature’s Phony Medical Marijuana Law Polls Below 50% HELENA, Sept. 13 – A new poll shows that IR-124 (PDF), the November 6 referendum on the 2011 Legislature’s unworkable medical marijuana law, faces steep odds, with support at only 46 percent. Bob Brigham, campaign manager for Patients for Reform, Not Repeal, said, […]

MTCIA Statewide Conference Call, August 7, 2011

The MTCIA will sponsor a statewide conference call at 7 p.m. on Sunday, August 7, 2011. The agenda for the one hour call is MTCIA President Ed Docter: Welcome and Overview  (5 minutes) P4RNR Petition Coordinator Rose Habib: Referendum Progress Report (10 – 15 minutes) MTCIA Board Member Kate Cholewa: MTCIA and the referendum (5 […]

Medical Marijuana Petitioners Reach 24,000 Signatures

BOZEMAN, Mont. — Petitioners aiming to put medical marijuana reform on the 2012 ballot say they have gathered close to 24,000 signatures. Fact is, that is enough to put the measure on the ballot. But organizers say they are after another 15,000 to allow for any possible discrepancies. ”I think everybody that’s been involved at this […]

Volunteers Collected Over 46,000 Signatures on IR-124;Expecting to Qualify in 60 House Districts to Force Vote on Medical Marijuana Law Changes

State to Report IR-124 Is Qualified for November 2012 Ballot HELENA, October 3, 2011 – Montana voters will get the chance next year to approve or disapprove of the 2011 Legislature’s changes to the state’s medical marijuana law. As of last Friday’s Sept. 30 deadline, Patients for Reform – Not Repeal has collected over 46,000 […]

More than 35,000 Montana Voters Signed the Petition to Force Vote on Medical Marijuana Law Changes

70 House Districts Qualified Montana Voters Show Strong Support for Referring SB 423 to the Voters   HELENA, October 31, 2011 – With the support of over 35,000 valid signatures and qualifying in 70 of 100 house districts opponents of the bill that would overhaul Montana’s medical marijuana program are buoyed by the support they received […]

Responding to Federal Intimidation

One reason Montana is in the difficult situation we are today is that the federal government bans medical marijuana. When Montana voters were considering Initiative 148 in 2004, federal government officials swooped into the state and demanded a “no” vote. Voters rejected the intimidation, voting “yes.” In 2011, on the very day Montana legislators were […]