No doubt you have heard that the Montana Supreme Court this week reinstated the 2011 Legislature’s “repeal and destroy” medical marijuana law, SB 423.

This turn of events makes our email to you more important than ever — not only to the future of suffering patients but to all Montanans who care about marijuana policy issues.

We are writing to let you know that groups like Montana First, Montana NORML, the Montana Cannabis Industry Association and others are working together now – and are creating a smart and aggressive plan to change Montana marijuana laws for the better. We have a plan that takes us through November 2014, and we are going to win!

But our long-range plan will only work if Montana voters on Nov. 6 first vote against IR-124, to reject Senate Bill 423. That’s the Legislature’s bad “repeal and destroy” medical marijuana law that was just supported by the Montana Supreme Court.

The court has made it clear that this issue is now up to the voters. And winning is now up to us.

Like any grassroots movement, we need your help. In fact, we are counting on it. If all of us work together, we can achieve remarkable progress. We can and will win – and we will make the process fun at the same time.

But first things first. We must re-legalize medical marijuana in Montana.

Between now and the November 6 election, we need to focus on defeating ballot issue IR-124. Voting AGAINST IR-124 will allow voters to reject the 2011 Legislature’s horrendous SB 423.

Patients for Reform, Not Repeal is leading the charge, and we are helping to coordinate and ensure victory on this ballot issue campaign. (See our site at We’ve got free bumper stickers for you and your friends to use to spread the word: Vote NO on IR-124.

Key spokespeople, several patients and a leading physician, have written opinion essays that have just been sent to Montana newspapers for publication detailing why we need to defeat IR-124 / SB 423:

  • Vote NO on IR-124 because it takes away patients’ rights. SB 423 has stolen safe, reliable access to medical marijuana away from a vast majority of the severely ill patients that voters wanted to help.
  • Vote NO on IR-124 because it violates the will of the people. Voters in 2004 overwhelmingly (over 62%) endorsed the concept that seriously ill patients should be able to use marijuana. Instead, the 2011 Legislature voted to choke off patients’ access, going directly against the spirit of the 62% of Montana voters who voted for medical marijuana.
  • Vote NO on IR-124 because it intrudes on the doctor-patient relationship and threatens doctors with investigations and punishment for recommending marijuana. It’s now easier to prescribe powerful narcotics in Montana than marijuana.
  • Vote NO on IR-124 because this “grow your own” law provides literally no legal way for anyone to obtain marijuana seeds or clones.
  • Vote NO on IR-124 because its requirements bear no resemblance to the reality of what’s necessary to produce reliable, safe medical marijuana for suffering patients. ·
  • Vote NO on IR-124 because a NO Vote is the ONLY way to force the 2013 Legislature to go back to the drawing board to work on a law that actually works for patients (and not just for law enforcement and prohibitionists).

The election on IR-124 is our chance to show our strength, not only in our own numbers, but in the support we can draw from the voters.

We need your help to win.

Our opponents have already shown their true colors. They swamped us at the 2011 Legislature with ridiculous scare tactics. They called in the feds to harass, prosecute and jail medical marijuana providers. This campaign season, they’ll be out in force trying to misinform and scare people into voting “yes” on IR-124.

We need to get the truth out to all Montanans: Vote NO on IR-124.

Defeating IR-124 is just the first step. It will give us momentum. We have big plans for putting prohibition itself on the chopping block next winter, with an “end marijuana prohibition” proposal that will help us attract attention, educate more voters and virtually guarantee a public vote on that issue in 2014.

Please become part of this campaign.

Take a moment to let us know which of the volunteer activities you can help us with. Please help us make sure we have your correct name, phone number, and address.

Together – and only together – we will win!